Our Workshops – Pastisology & Mixology

More than a workshop, live a unique experience.

Discover the secrets of pastis!

Discover Marseille through its most iconic drink: Pastis !

For an hour and a half in the form of a workshop, taste our aniseed beverages and explore their history and composition with the help of one of our aniseed experts. It’s a unique moment of exchange, sharing and action.
We’ll then add to your knowledge of pastis and aniseed with a fun, sensory visit to the Musée de l’Anis. During your pastis workshop, you’ll discover the pastis-making process and tour the city of Marseille on board a Mehari, thanks to our 4DX technology! Pastis and Marseille will no longer hold any secrets for you!

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Become a bartender for an instant!

Immerge yourself in the world of bartenders and become mixology experts.

During a one-hour cocktail workshop, you’ll learn a few essential mixology reflexes and make two homemade cocktails yourself.
In the Bar area, we offer a fun, sharing experience, all in the friendly atmosphere of Mx Maison Yellow. This workshop adapts to the customer’s tastes and teaches them the codes: how to use the appropriate utensils and terms.

Our commitment: “Soon the art of mixing will hold no secrets for you. Become a bartender for a moment!”

Immerse yourself in the world of bartenders and become mixology experts 🍹
The workshop is followed by a visit to the Musée de l’Anis museum.

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