Responsible consumption


At Mx, fun doesn’t have to mean excess. Our business supports responsible fun that is respectful of everyone, particularly those who choose not to drink alcohol. The fight against the excessive alcohol consumption, which is dangerous to health and damaging for society, is a priority.

When it comes to responsible marketing and communications, we have to meet strict criteria defined by the Pernod Ricard Commercial Communications Code. A dedicated panel ensures that all marketing campaigns comply with it.

In 2007, the Group was a pioneer in displaying the ‘not for pregnant women’ symbol on all of its bottles. From this year, a ‘not for children’ symbol will begin to appear on all bottles produced by the Group, in compliance with our commitment to the IARD (International Alliance for Responsible Drinking). The labels will also display a link to the website, which offers information for consumers, as well as a link to the website to remind people of the markers of responsible consumption.

Pernod Ricard is also a founding member of the association ‘Prévention et Modération’ (prevention and moderation) which aims to bring together all initiatives from professional organisations which target preventing risky behaviour and promoting responsible alcohol consumption.


Again, in partnership with the Erasmus Student Network, we are conducting a pan-European awareness programme for the responsible consumption of alcohol, called “Responsible Party” aimed at international students.


At the events that we organise and participate in, we provide information and preventive tools. We offer an alternative to alcoholic drinks by offering non-alcoholic alternatives.


Internally, each Mx employee agrees to follow a responsible code of conduct which makes them an agent of prevention. They are to refer to this each time they wonder about the meaning of responsible consumption. This document details very precise rules, including: ‘Do not feel forced to drink alcoholic beverages’, ‘Always accompany alcohol with non-alcoholic alternatives and food’, and ‘Spend the night in a hotel if necessary and, in any case, if your return journey is over an hour long’.


All of our sales teams complete specific training on aspects of their job which require greater vigilance, with a particular emphasis on responsible consumption. Training modules, in the form of podcasts, have also been developed to raise awareness of the risks linked to driving and tiredness, the use of mobile phones, speeding, medication and alcohol.


The teams at Mx, just like the Group’s 19,000 employees, have all completed an online training course launched in April 2020 entitled ‘How to understand alcohol better and the principles of responsible consumption’.


Finally, a free number is available for all Group employees who find themselves in a situation which goes against our ethics and our commitments.



Just as a reminder, in France 1 unit of alcohol = 10 g of pure alcohol per glass, as per the WHO standard.

Photo source: Alcool Info Service